Who We Are

NueMeta, LLC is both a technology development firm and a managed service provider, helping media & entertainment companies design and develop digital asset management, content distribution and royalty reporting systems which embrace global metadata and B2B data exchange standards.

Founded in 2007, NueMeta has a history of establishing long-term relationships with its clients focusing its efforts on developing content distribution, digital asset and metadata management systems for the media & entertainment industry.

The expertise in the combined fields of technology, intellectual property management and the entertainment industry has enabled the company to work with leading companies in the industry. NueMeta prides itself in its ability to keep abreast of the latest developments in industry metadata standards, data management technologies and the digital media & entertainment landscape. NueMeta also specializes in designing software and systems, which specifically address the challenges of expanding one’s business globally. Our team is extremely knowledgeable of the intellectual property rights issues across the globe, how to conduct business with rights owners in each territory and the data requirements these business activities will have on your internal business and IT systems.

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