For Download And Streaming Services Looking For A Complete Content Ingestion Solution

NueMeta, LLC is a technical development and service provider that helps companies quickly and easily adopt the global messaging standard. As an active participant of the DDEX standards body for the last six years, our technical background and industry experience will provide you with the types of solutions that reduce both cost and time to market. These standards can be tailored to your specific business, increasing visibility and taking the guesswork out of business communications. We have a solution to fit your business, and our integration specialist can help you execute the transition with DDEX Gateway™ Solutions.

The DDEX Gateway™ is

a full-featured automated solution:

  • Connects, moves files, retrieves data, and tracks status of content effectively and efficiently
  • Archives xml
  • Increases workflow visibility
  • Eliminates redundancy and duplicates in data
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Cost savings/low hassle

There is an easy-to-integrate, low-cost solution to migrate your business to a global metadata standard. Join Sony, Warner, EMI, IODA and others who are migrating their business partners to the new standard. The time for DDEX has come! NueMeta is the only DDEX integration provider currently certified by major distributors such as Sony DADC. With DDEX Messaging Gateway™, we’ll help you embrace these same new opportunities for increased efficiency, reliability, and visibility into your digital suppliers’ operations.


Basic Integration

NueMeta’s Basic Integration includes set-up and configuration of the DDEX Messaging Gateway™. System performs automated message exchange choreographies and provides you with tools to initiate and track the communication threads that are important to you. Message payloads get extracted and stored locally for you to ingest into your system.

  • Connecting to digital suppliers
  • Message exchange automation
  • Error detection/error handling
  • Message exchange dashboard
    Basic message payload delivery

Deep Integration

Provides all Basic Integration services PLUS message payload processing and ingestion directly into data staging systems.

  • Connecting to digital suppliers
  • Message exchange automation
  • Error detection/error handling
  • Message exchange dashboard
  • Parse XML message payload
  • Import data to stagingenvironment

Who is the DDEX Gateway™ for?

The DDEX Gateway™ is a very specific offering, intended for

  • Music/video streaming services
  • Companies receiving a large volume of content via data feed