Solutions for Labels and Distributors

Take Control of the Future of Your Business!

Whether you are a small independent label, a label group or a digital aggregator, NueMeta can provide you with the tools and services that will enable you operate your business in the digital age. The early days of digital are now far behind us. It is clear that digital consumption is the future of this industry. Yet, many companies are still outsourcing their digital initiatives and giving up control of their business to others to manage. This does not have to be!

With the right tools, you no longer need to outsource the future of your business. You can be in control of your day-to-day operations on your own schedule and not be beholden to limitations or time frames of other companies. Because, no one cares about your business like you do!

These tools are available for anyone to use. We provide the guidance and support to ensure your success. Finally, our pricing is designed so that you can continue to build your business without the need for a large in-house engineering team.

Products and Solutions

Content Activity Report Processing

Solutions are available for both senders and receivers of content activity reports enabling the transformation, normalization and visualization this every expanding set of data critical to the success of your business.

Digital DIYstribution

Digital DIYstribution offers content suppliers, large and small, an easy-to-use way to deliver their content to their digital retail partners using both DDEX and non-DDEX data exchange standards.

Database Models

Fully customizable and enables you to avoid the time consuming effort and risk associated with building it yourself. These Database Models can be purchased as a stand alone data repository or can be combined with the DDEX Messaging Gateway to provide a complete digital operations solution.

Consulting Services

Our Professional Services team can provide consulting, support services, and training. Get the support you need while leveraging the most experienced DDEX staff in the industry.