Download and Streaming Services Solutions

Allowing You To Focus On What Creates Value For Your Customers

Today’s digital supply chain is highly complex and the DDEX standard is intended to make the business communications with your partners easier and more efficient. But is this really where your company should be focusing its time and energy? These ‘behind the scenes’ data exchanges are invisible to your customers and provide no perceived value to them.

Let NueMeta focus on the complexities of business-to-business communications. This is what we do, so you don’t have to! We offer a range of software and/or services that will transform your company’s digital operations capabilities quickly and easily. This will enable you to focus on those areas where your company is creating real and meaningful value for your customers!

Products and Solutions

The DDEX Gateway

Automates the data exchange activities between you and your partners. Enables you to receive, import and track the B2B communications that are important to your business.


These simple, easy-to-integrate, low-cost software libraries are ideal for content recipients with competent development staff but who may be new to the industry or the DDEX standards.

Database Models

Both relational and NoSQL database designs. Fully customizable and enables you to avoid the time consuming effort and risk associated with building it yourself. Available stand alone or combined with the DDEX Gateway

Consulting Services

Our team consists of both seasoned technology and music industry professionals. We not only develop solutions for our clients but we are available to operate them as a managed service