Products & Services

The DDEX Gateway is a fully automated software system which:

  • Securely connects a wide range of file servers and cloud storage services

  • Retrieves content at regularly scheduled programmed intervals

  • Automates content processing workflows, moves media files, validates metadata, tracks the status throughout the content processing pipeline

  • Archives original metadata for reprocessing

  • Increases workflow visibility and employee productivity

  • Eliminates redundancy and duplication of data

  • Cost efficient, easy to manage, quick to set up

DDEXpedite Software Libraries for DDEX ERN recipients:

  • Simple, low-cost software solution

  • Ideal for companies with technical staff but new to the industry or the DDEX standards¬†

  • Easy to integrate into existing content processing software

  • Available in six programming languages (C++, C#, Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby) for Windows, Mac, and Linux

  • Includes software libraries, source code, and documentation

  • For companies that already have content ingestion infrastructure but lack DDEX expertise

  • Saves money and minimizes risk

  • Data model designs available for relational and NoSQL databases

  • Data designs can be fully customized to your specific business needs

  • Built by DDEX experts with years of music industry experience.

  • Avoid many time consuming and costly mistakes made by of those with little or no experience with the DDEX standards

  • Can be purchased as a stand alone data repository or can be combined with the DDEX Messaging Gateway to provide a complete digital operations solution

Addresses the needs of both senders and receivers of content activity reports:

  • Retrieves and processes content activity data on regularly scheduled programmed intervals

  • Transform data to-and-from any file formats, relational¬†databases or NoSQL data stores

  • Automate internal data processing pipelines that include status and error notifications

  • Data visualizations enable you to analyze and view your data from different perspectives enabling deep insights and actionable recommendations

  • Normalize disparate data sources to enable side-by-side comparisons across industry segments and distribution channels

Software solutions for both large and small organizations:

  • Designed for content companies or digital aggregators looking to take control and grown their businesses

  • Provides the ability to digitally distribute content to a wide range of streaming services and download store business partners

  • Retain control of one's data quality and delivery schedule

  • Maintain a direct relationship with your business partners.

  • Integrates with many cloud services from Google, Amazon, Box and more

  • Available through a software license or managed service

NueMeta's entertainment industry veterans and DDEX experts provide:

  • Consulting, support services, and training so you get can get the most from DDEX implementation

  • Custom software and technology system development specific to you business needs

  • Get the support you need while leveraging the most experienced DDEX staff in the industry

  • We are seasoned technology and music industry professionals who have led the development of the DDEX data exchange standards

  • Contact us today and we can find a DDEX solution that is right for your business