Content Activity Report Processing

Being A Data Driven Organization Has Become A Nessessity

A set of tools designed to speed up the efforts needed for report processing:

Content Owners / Distributors

  • Automatic report retrieval from all your content licensees
  • Report transformation and data normalization
  • Slice and dice your data across any number of data dimensions such as time, territory, genre, licensee, business model and mode consumption.
  • Scalable solution to support the industry's expanding consumption data
  • Visualize the data to develop deeper insights and discover new correlations

Download / Streaming Services

  • Generate content activity reports at programmed regular intervals
  • Transform activity reports into any needed file formats
  • Automate content activity report delivery to partners
  • Validate report data to ensure compliance and consistency with file format standards
Automated Report Retrieval
Tools to schedule the automated retrieval and assembly of all the different reports your business partners make available to you.
Data Normalization
Transform the data to a common data format to enable you to compare and contrast the performance of your content across the entire digital market.
Applying Context
Link your content's transactional data to relavent events or business activities as well as historical data to assess the impact of your strategy.
Visualize Your Data
Graphically representating of your data will enable you to quickly identify trends and develop insights about how your content is doing in the market.