DDEX Compliant Database Models

Our Data Model Designs Will Eliminate Do-It-Yourself Design Mistakes

Both relational and NoSQL data model designs:

  • Saving you time, money and effort while avoiding common design mistakes

  • Fully customizable to meet your company's exact needs

  • Supports all of the most challenging data requirements for a global media & entertainment business including multi-language, multi-territory, shared intellectual property rights and support for a broad range of content usage types and business models

  • Available for common relational databases (Oracle, MySQL, Postgre, SQL Server)

  • NoSQL data models for document databases (JSON, XML) and graph databases

  • Can be purchased as a stand-alone data repository or can be combined with the DDEX Messaging Gateway to providing a complete digital operations solution

Relational Database Designs
Compatible for all common relational database vendors. Faithfully captures the metadata complexities describing the content and the rights restrictions when distributed globally.
NoSQL Data Models
For companies that have based their data management infrastrucure on non-relational technologies, we offer data model designs which will faithfully capture the data required to operate a global media & entertainment business.
Proven Designs
Tested in real-world production environments. Adapted to meet industry changes. Customizable to the client's business. Shown to stand the test of time.
Complete or Enhancement
Whether you need an enhancement to your existing database, completely replacing an existing system or starting fresh, we can work to make sure the data design meets your exact business needs.