Usage Report

All of the Benefits, & None of the Work!

Today, usage report processing in the music industry comes with many challenges:

First, there are no standardized usage report formats. Each digital partner has their own proprietary format. Second, each usage report can contain a very large number of transactional records but the monetary value of each transaction is typically quite low.

Easy Solutions for
Managing Your Data

The costs associated with processing the reports should not exceed the monetary value contained in each report.

Efficiency and scale are critical to achieve this balance. At NueMeta, we do the hard work of collecting and sifting through all of that data – all that’s left for you is an easy solution to managing your content so that you can concentrate on your business.

Helping Content Owners Take Control of Their Data

Clients use our analytics dashboard for:

  • Royalty Rate Negotiations
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Content Strategizing
  • Royalty Accounting
  • Extending Content Reach

All of the data collected from different platforms is stored in one place, with a dynamic and filterable display. This data can also be exported in a single CSV file.

Royalty Tracking Made Easy

Content owners and distributors alike use our analytics software to keep track of royalty collections. Your dashboard is accessible through a web portal, or it can be embedded into your website, allowing you to keep track of your data, your way. If you’re a content aggregation, we can even help to offer your clients their own individual analytics dashboards – reach out to us for more information!